The Olympic opening

August 8, 2008 – 3:43 pm

Dear people of the world, 

Today is the day. The grand Olympic opening.

The latest news is a British man has protested in Hong Kong and thousands of Tibetans are protesting in Beijing and being silenced.

The Dalai Lama have given his praise and blessing to China and stressed the point that they deserve to hold the Olympic games.

There have also been two Britons have been detained in Beijing after a protest about Tibet.The group Students for a Free Tibet said four activists from the UK and the US were arrested after displaying banners close to the Olympic stadium. The protesters scaled a 120ft (36.5m) lighting pole early in the morning and unfurled banners reading “One World One Dream Free Tibet” and “Tibet will be free”. The action was timed before the arrival of the Olympic torch in Tiananmen Square. A spokesman for the Beijing Olympics described the protest as “unacceptable and “illegal”.

In London, fellow campaigners from the group also held a protest to coincide with the one in Beijing. Two supporters climbed suspension cables to reach a height of 100ft (30m) above the River Thames and unfurled a banner saying: “Beijing 2008: Make Olympic History: Free Tibet.” The supporter said: “I’m here today because I’ve been a long-term Tibet activist and I feel like now is a really critical time for Tibet. The Beijing Games have been used by the Chinese government as a propaganda tool to whitewash their human rights record in Tibet.”


The Olympic torch has travelled 87,000 miles through six continents since leaving Greece in March. Its journey has been marked by a large amount of protests about China’s human rights record and its policies in Tibet. During the month in which the torch was lit, protests flared in Tibet against Chinese rule before snowballing into the worst unrest in Tibet for 20 years.

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